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Overview & Full Specifications of Carrier 5 Ton Floor Standing AC

Buy the New Carrier 5 Ton Floor Standing AC that has a compact look and invigorating range of features that enhance the performance of the machine. The AC comes with a remote control so that you can regulate its each function from it.


This new Carrier has 5 ton capacity of cooling.


check out its slim external lines that render a compact size to the AC machine. It has indoor net weight of 54 kgs and outdoor piping length at 50 m to the maximum. The outdoor product dimension.

Air Filters:

Owing to its clear air filtration feature, the machine is able to turn into pure air inside the room, no matter how much polluted the outdoor air is. This is because the filter functions by eliminating dust particles from air making it feasible for breathing.


There are various controlling button that appear on the remote control. With its use you can change direction of air flow in the room and even set the temperature as per your needs.

Speed of Cooling:

The machine features twin rotary compressor type that is capable of boosting power of the machine that in turn aids in enhancing cooling capacity so that any given space is cooled in no time. The speed of cooling is also determined by its blowing of air evenly across the room so that coolants spread uniformly across.

Sleep Mode and Timer:

The machine comes with Timer option that allows you to set time for the AC and determine when the machine will be On and it will go Off.

Noise Level:

Noise level of this machine is maintained at 54/50/46/43 DB.

Other Features:

The other features are inverter technology, operation range up to 48 degree Celsius, and so on.

Energy Rating:

The AC has not received any energy rating yet.

Carrier 5 Ton Floor Standing ACĀ Specs

Capacity: 5 Ton(s)
AC Type: Tower
Usage: Office
Inverter AC: No
Timers: yes
Auto Restart: yes
Remote Control: yes/No
Air Swing: yes


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