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Dead pixels None Backlight/ screen uniformity Very good; but faint vertical bands & dirty screen effect (DSE) at high backlight/ HDR mode Overscanning on HDMI Defeatable Blacker than black Passed Calibrated black level (black screen) LEDs shut off Calibrated black level (4×4 ANSI) 0.045 cd/m2 Black level retention Stable if [Smart LED] “Off“ Primary chromaticity Good Scaling Very good Video mode deinterlacing Effective jaggies reduction Film mode deinterlacing Passed 2:2 & 3:2 tests in SD, though HD loses lock Viewing angle (cone) 60° Motion resolution 1080 lines or higher with [Auto Motion Plus] on Digital noise reduction Optional; effective when enabled Sharpness Defeatable edge enhancement except in [HDR+ Mode] Luma/Chroma bandwidth (2D Blu-ray) Full Luma; Chroma vertically blurred 1080p/24 capability No judder unless in [HDR+ Mode] 2160p/24 capability No judder unless in [HDR+ Mode] Measured panel refresh rate 120Hz Measured peak brightness 1455 cd/m2 Measured DCI-P3 coverage 96% I


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