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About Us

Buy N Save Electronics is one of the most efficiently run retail operations in Bangladesh. We offer our customers over 2000 products across many brands in a world-class ambience and our offerings are growing day by day. Our Product categories include Air conditioner, Fridge, TV & Entertainment and many other electronics and electrical products. We believe that great products from some of the best brands in the world ensures an exciting shopping experience.

Our own label by the name of ‘Conion’ pffers innovative and unique products that are hard to find. A diverse range of merchandises in various categories and ensures you only the best. From wide range of Conion branded products, you are bound to find something great that will match up to your budget as well as personal requirements.

At Buy N Save Electronics, our endeavor has always been on fulfilling every electronics requirement by helping customers choose the best product, as per their needs. Buy N Save Electronics’ efficient, well-trained and knowledgeable store advisors will be completely equipped to offer sound and personalized advice for helping a customer receive the best value for money. Making shopping experience delightful post purchase is the foundation for investing in a robust customer service support at Buy N Save Electronics.